lundi 19 juillet 2010

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Leads to Better Hires

Over the last couple of years, the word "outsourcing" has gotten a bad rap. For many people, outsourcing means taking away American jobs but the truth is that businesses outsourcing actually means streamlining and efficiency. There isn't a competitive business today that doesn't use some form of outsourcing. Whether it's for an assembly line, document processing or even janitorial services outsourcing is a viable option. One of the fastest growing new business models is recruitment process outsourcing. Companies that turn to recruitment process outsourcing have reaped the rewards of cutting costs while targeting top tier candidates.

The concept behind recruitment process outsourcing is simple: hire an accomplished firm that specializes in recruiting and applicant tracking to handle all your hiring needs. Recruitment outsourcing is not a complete replacement for a human resources department but instead a perfect compliment to increase productivity. While human resource staff members focus on company policy compliance and staff training issues, a recruitment process outsourcing team can concentrate on finding experienced talent to meet the demands of your company.

As the job market contracts, the pool of potential applicants expands but that doesn't mean all of these applicants are going to be qualified or up to the standards of your company. A recruitment outsourcing company is in the business to find those qualified applicants and make them a perfect fit for your company's needs. By hiring a recruitment process outsourcing company you will no longer be bogged down with setting up internet job sites, building databases of resumes and conducting pre-screening interviews. All of those aspects of the hiring process can be handled by the RPO company of your choice.

Another way to think of recruitment process outsourcing is as creating an extension of your company that has a global reach. There could be a need for managers with specific training and experience that might not be accessible through typical HR recruiting options. But with a dedicated recruitment outsourcing company, you can have access to potential hires from a variety of education and experience backgrounds.

There are several pricing options available depending on which type of recruitment process outsourcing company you intend to work with. A fee for hire means you'll only pay a contingency when a successful hire has been completed. You can also set up ongoing hourly consultant fees. What's key to making recruitment process outsourcing work is developing a strong relationship with your RPO company. Once they understand you own business needs they can be off and running. Going back and forth to a typical hiring agency might mean reintroducing yourself over and over again. This can be a waste of time and productivity.
The bottom line is that it's all about your bottom line! Turning over your hiring to a recruitment process outsourcing company means you'll be able to staff your company with competent employees that will meet your goals. When that happens your profitability increases. You'll be accomplishing your goals as opposed to spending valuable work hours looking for the perfect staff. Recruitment process outsourcing can deliver the staff which will keep you competitive and profitable. Your company's success awaits with recruitment process outsourcing.

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